OII Company is a contemporary urban fashion brand by arTchitect

oii stands for Oluwa Is Involved.”The instantly recognizable logo (a key) represents the core of the brand which is founded on the faith, hopes, industry and passion of post teen fashion enthusiasts, riding the wave of the ‘do it yourself’ culture. You can call it streetwear for new grown ups but a more accurate description will be cool redefined.
In its 5 years of existence (Est. 2017), oii has developed a unique aesthetic identity- offering casual fashion and fashion accessories that are cross generational. oii features at the top of the local streetwear hierarchy in Cameroon, where the fashion industry is just beginning to take shape, and has contributed in bringing more cool and attention to the fashion culture. To the ardent following gathered over the years, oii products embody cool, comfort, and utility. That following comprises mostly of young working adults who have maintained an interest in pop culture. .